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Apr 18, 2019

One of the messages I hear from you over and over again is that you feel like the bloggershpere is oversaturated. That it’s ‘been there done that’ and that you’re worried that you have nothing original, new or extra to add, so you may as well give up.


In this episode, we’re going to dive in on what makes you, you, how to stand out in the blogger sphere and of course we’re going to get practical by answering some reflective questions and then I’ll be showing you how to put it into practise.

Ya ready?

I heard a statistic that there are something like over 30 million blogs.

That’s more diet cokes than I’ll ever drink in a life time and 1 less than the amount of Game of Thrones spoilers on Twitter.

So of course you’re going to feel like your voice is only adding to noise. But that’s where you’re wrong.

Ok there may be 10 million fashion blogs, who love a Celine necklace and a YSL bag but you’ve only got a ropey copy from Amazon and a Co-Op shopper to your name. Or you might feel like beauty blogs are dying and how can you keep up when you’re not being sent enough PR to give a small village in Argentina a whole new skincare routine. You might have even identified someone in your niche that walks, talks, acts and lives exactly like you and you worry that you’re not offering anything different.

But trust me when I say, you are. Because as fucking cheesy as it is, ‘you are you and that is Truer than true, no one alive is youer than you’ - did you think you’d be getting some Dr Seuss up in here?

What you need to do is to really reflect on your USPs. It’s to banish the imposter syndrome - I’ve got a bloody podcast episode for that! And quash the comparisonitis. It’s to become truly clear on what your niche and focus is and then have actionable and intentional steps in place to show everyone else too.

So shall we crack on?

First of all, I want you to grab a piece of paper, or a notes app or whatever and list 5-10 words that speak to you about who you are. We’ve done a similar exercise to this before, but this time be really intentional - what really makes you, you?

For example; funny, kind, witty, sarcastic, a dreamer, deep thinker, informative, whimsical, creative

And then add a few more about what you’re most passionate about creating - writing, photos, audio, video - what are you most passionate about?

Then sprinkle in a couple of things that makes your content different - listicles, long form and educational, reflective and dreamy, poetic, funny, different editing style, original photography style, like talking to your best mate

And now let’s look at it together. So if it’s me, my words are - writing, educational, reflective, funny, witty, chatting to a best mate

Therefore I know that my writing and presentational style is funny, witty and like chatting to a mate, but that my content is either reflective (so my observational posts and those on mental health and relationships) or it’s educational - with all of the blogging content I offer up.

So to me, these are my USPs, because the people I know of or who I follow that are educational, aren’t usually as foul mouthed or as sarcastic as I am plus I know my writing style, when it comes to posts on feminism, sex or mental health, is just like me chatting to you as if you were a friend - and that’s what makes it different.

Now I have clarity over this - and hopefully you do too - definitely come and chat to me in the Facebook group about your content USPs once you’ve figured them out, then I need to know how to practically apply it and show it off. So here are the areas to focus on - I hope you’re ready to take notes! I will have this all written up in the show notes too if you’re driving - please don’t take notes if you’re driving;

Writing Style

I don’t know about you but there are some posts that I’ve tried to write that have been dry AF. It was like what I read when I’ve forgotten to take my phone to the loo and need to read the back of a shampoo bottle or something. So boring and not at all me.

This is one of the easiest areas to get your USPs across. Do you have a certain catchphrase? Or slang term? A way of addressing your audience? Some references that you love and your audience would totally get too? Or is there a mutual frustration or even a dream that you and your audience share that you could refer to? Pepper them throughout your prose.

What does the verb, ‘to pepper’ even mean though? Anyway, we’re going with it.

Live Video/Stories

You want to show that you’re different? Do it with video. If you’re not brave enough for live yet, then definitely Stories is the way to go. Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy with stories and I share a picture of my bed because I feel like that’s the done thing. But what makes me different?

Take some time now to reflect on what makes your stories different (i.e they’re from you). Mine are different in a couple of ways; firstly I use stories to show what my daily life is like. I lead quite an alien lifestyle to most in that I try and work less than 15 hours a week and no two days are the same. So I’ll take my followers along with awkward Starbucks encounters, observations from public transport, blogging events, my work and travels.

What is different about your life?

And you know what, lots of you will say, ‘nothing, I just have a 9-5, go home, feed my cat, catch up on Netflix and rinse and repeat’ BUT THAT IS OK. People are nosey. However you live your life will be interesting to people because we are a nosey breed. So share your routines. Your feelings. Something funny that happened at work. Your favourite Netflix moments - it shows a personal side to you.

But we need to get intentional with our stories content too. So also have a thing.

I tell my coachees this all the time and it works. Erica Davies has Sunday Styling, Hannah Gale has her HG Ten, Tay Jane Nicole had her Wednesday Wishlist, Sam from Knackered By Chaos has a Wellness Wednesday, The Mothercooker has her Motivation Monday, Dizzy Brunette has Wallpaper Wednesday.

What’s your thing? Beauty? Fashion? Lifestyle? Travel? - pick something and make it a feature.

You could do a hot or not, an edit of your favourite high street picks, a travel destination mini guide/review, a round up of other content from your niche. This is a great way to make your stories stand out if you feel like you being you isn’t ‘enough content’ - which is bollocks but I really relate to that feeling.

Kick it Off With A Challenge

So you’ve got your USPs and you’re raring to go in telling everyone just how different you are - why not run a mini challenge that’s related? For example, Sam, who I mentioned before - her blog and herself are bloody lovely, she’s Knackered by Chaos by the way, I’ll link her. During coaching we realised her USP is like wellness but not wanky - I actually think we used wellness but not woo. She’s not into the ethereal aspect of wellness - more just practical routines and wellness. She wants to quickly assert herself in this niche, so she’s going to do a challenge where she teaches willing people (hi me) who are a bit useless with self care (yep hi double me) how to introduce routines in an approachable and easy way. That shows off her USP!

Look at the Anna Edit - known for her simple styling and capsule wardrobe - she now regularly takes part in the 10 in 10 (10 outfits from 10 items) challenge and encourages her followers to take part too.

So could you run a challenge that shows off your USP?


Pinterest is another good way to show off your individuality. It actively encourages you to have boards that are not only related to your content niche but also to your personal interests. I think you get a really good feel for who I am from mine. There’s a mixture of blogging and social media tips, with boards on navy sofas, delicate tattoos and feminist quotes. This does make me think I need to start a potato board - I’m going to right after I finish this. It’ll be glorious.

So think of your content niches - which relevant boards can you create?

Now think of your personal USPs - which boards could you have? If you said you’re a poetic dreamer - have a board of poems. If you said you’re funny and sarky - get a memes board crackalacking. Perhaps your thing is alternative fashion - make ALLLLLLL the boards.

You want your profile to give a well rounded view of who you are from first glance.

Which reminds me about social bios and about pages - I’ve done episodes on these two things before so go back and listen but these are the perfect places to show off exactly how you stand out.

The most important thing to remember, is that even if you feel like the most basic of Beckys with no discernible talents or niche areas of interest - there ARE people out there who are interested in you. In what you had for lunch. In what you’re watching. In your thoughts on who should win Drag Race *cough* VAAAANJIE*cough* - it’s up to you to gain clarity over what makes you different, and then it’s down to you to get intentional with sharing exactly what makes you different in some of the ways we’ve discussed in this episode.

Come and chat to me on the Facebook group about your USPs and how you plan on standing out!

Until next time, BYEEEE