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Jan 23, 2019

We’ve spoken previously about niches and ideal readers and all that fun stuff that gives our blog a bit of direction but today I want to bring you some exercises I’ve completed recently that have reaaaaallly helped me focus in. Those are - finding the words that sum up your brand, finding your sweet spot and then translating it to branding - and I’ll go more into that in another episode and then next week, we’ll move on to creating a mission statement to sum it all up.

Completing these exercises has REAAALLY gotten me motivated and now I’m using all my spare time creating content - and the results are showing in my traffic - because I’m not second guessing anything - everything feels like me! So let’s dive in shall we…

Right guys, you’re going to need to take notes - so hopefully you’ve got some bits to hand.

I want you to pause the podcast and spend a couple of minutes writing down words that excite you, that you love. Off ya go!

Ok, you’re back haha - or maybe you never went and you just want me to crack on because you’ve only got 15 minutes left in the bath before you need another Diet Coke or your fingers go crinkly - I’M ON IT!

I’ll share my words with you - funny, approachable, straight-talking, listen, inspire, strong, grow, learn, share, happy, honesty, trustworthy, awkward

When I sat back and analysed why I’d chosen these words - it made sense.

I like to think I’m funny. I’m always very approachable and I find that an important quality in others. I am SUPER straight-talking - I can’t stand fakeess and bullshit and I certainly don’t dish it out myself. I love to listen and learn and I also love to be listened to and to teach! I love the word strong because in everything that has happened to me over the last 2/3 years I’ve had to be very strong! And this year I really want to grow as a person and spend more time being happy. I’ve also got words like honesty and trustworthy - I am often too trusting and honest to a fault but these are characteristics I pride myself in and that I seek in others. And well, awkward, because I can be super awkward and awkward situations are the funniest to me!

Now I want you to nail down those words to what your blog represents. Because they totally should align! Your blog and your channels are an extension of you, so if the words that mean the most to you are, ‘integrity, love and real’ then maybe think twice about that sponsored post for skinny teas that make you hate your body and probably shit yourself. - Do you see what I mean?

With the episode show notes, I’m going to create a free downloadable resource where you can get some ideas for words if you’re stuck, plus an exercise in ‘packaging’ those words up to give you a clear brand message. So head there!

I think it’s so important that we’ve been doing the work, through the podcast here, in reeeeaally nailing down our niche and who and what we are online. Trust me, when you have that moment of clarity of, ‘oh, yeah, this feels good, this feels like me’ EVERYTHING will fall into place.

But now I’m going to bring you back to the episode I recorded with Cat from Gatto Web - make sure you listen to that one - where we talked a bit about sweet spots.

Cat opened me up to that term and then I went away and did lots of thinking on it. She said that your brand sweet spot is the place exactly between everything YOU love and everything your reader loves.

For example, your readers may be mid to late twenty something women who value honest reviews, straight talking advice and keeping it real BUT you may love everything whimsical, fantasy with a splash of magic. So how do you please both parties?

And I know a lot of people only want to blog for themselves - and I totally love that. Remember there is no right or wrong way to blog! So those people may not really give a shit about what their readers want, as long as they’re happy. And I do really respect that!

But as we’ve discussed over the last few episodes, and as I’m all about sharing my experiences with you - I know that way back when, when I was blogging about the guy who wouldn’t call me back, my Kylie Jenner lip kits and jeans - no one gave a shit. I’d have a few blogger pals read my stuff probably out of kindness and obligation, but it didn’t alight!

Fast forward a couple of years and I started to realise what my audience liked - straight talking, honest, bare all, to the point discussions on what others were too afraid to say or too tight to share. So that’s how I framed my content!

So think about that. You’ve got your words that mean the most to you - which of those would also mean the most to your readers?

And if you don’t have a flipping Scooby - go and listen to the episode on Identifying An Ideal Reader, because it will really help you!

I’d like for you to do another exercise now - on your phone notes or paper or whatever - and I want you to create two columns. One headed, ‘What I Love’ and the other headed, ‘What My Readers Love’ and I want you to make lists under each.

Under ‘What I Love’ for example might be - beauty reviews, travel guides, think pieces and dating posts - and that might be why you’re a bit all over the place. Because you love talking about what you love! But in the other column, I want you to go to your Analytics and look at your most popular posts. I want you to look at your comments and see which ones people most engaged with. I want you to check your social media and see which blog posts got people talking the most.

What do you notice? Because maybe your readers LOVE your travel posts but your beauty posts go unnoticed - you may like writing them but are you happy for them not to be as well received? Where’s the sweet spot?

Another tool you could use - and maybe this is just for the LOLs is a website called - you can use it to spy on competitors keywords and what they perform best with BUT you can also use it to see which of your keywords are performing best and stick that in the ‘What my readers love’ column. And honestly you need to listen to the state of mine…. (Fast forward a few seconds if you’ve got an uneasy disposition) but mine are, Dream Phone, Wide On, Cum With Your Fingers and Fingering Techniques.

So you can see that my love of 90s nostalgia is a strong theme and you can also see that I used to NAIL the dating/sex blogging amirite.

But let’s bring it back because fuck my life.

We’ve got the key words that sum up our brand, we know who our ideal reader is, we know how to hit the sweet spot with our content - now what?

Next we’re going to discuss how we can present that visually through branding! So I’ve got some homework for ya!

I want you to create a Pinterest board called, ‘Exciting Emails Brand Vision Board’ and I want you to pin articles, pictures, colours, words, quotes - WHATEVER to represent what we’ve discussed today. Then come and share it in the Facebook group - so we can give feedback!

I also want you to come and tell me what your words are and what your sweet spot is - I’m interested!

Until then though I’d love it if you could subscribe, leave a review and head over to my social channels - @vixmeldrew as I love a good natter. And I shall chat to you next time! Byeeee.