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Dec 5, 2018

In this episode, I’m going to walk you through how to write an about page that screams ‘you’ and tells whoever stumbles across it - whether that’s a brand, a new follower or a potential loyal reader, exactly who you are and what your blog is about.


As ever, there’s a practical element so make sure you’ve got a Diet Coke, cup of tea, a snack - whatever you need and something to write on as we get cracking.


Let’s go!


Sooo many people abandon their about pages.


I’ll turn on to someone’s blog, thinking I’m there for fashion advice but their bio tells me they love writing about beauty.


It’s a page that we often forget to update. I’ve seen newly married bloggers talking about being single and their exploits on their about pages! Or parenting bloggers who have information about their single, independent lives.


You might be thinking that it doesn’t matter, that no one reads it anyway but you’re totally wrong!


I’m going to hit you with some stats…


I looked at my average page visits for the last 6 months and can tell you that 446 INDIVIDUAL people (again on average) read my about page per month.


For you it might be 5 people, or 105, or 105,000 but if it’s more than zero - IT MATTERS.


Like I mentioned in the intro - people are visiting your about page for a reason.


Perhaps it’s a brand who wants to know what you stand for and whether it aligns with their message.


Maybe it’s someone who found you on Instagram and wants to know if your blog is worth following too.


Or maybe it’s a new reader who’s fallen completely in love with your content and wants to get to know you better.


It could of course just be someone being nosey (hi that’s me, yep).


Whoever it is, they want to leave that page feeling like they know you better. But also feeling like they completely get what you and your blog is about. And if they’re also about it, they’re going to want to stick around.


So other than neglecting our about pages and not keeping them updated, what other mistakes do we make?


We’re Too Generic


Sometimes we write our about pages in a way that the internet or our favourite blogger has told us or shown us how to write them.


We want to follow the same formula because if it’s worked for others, then it’ll work for us, right? WRONG.


Because if you’re copying what others are doing, you’re telling a potential audience what they’re about - not what you’re about.


Maybe if we think we should mention what everyone else mentions then we’ll appeal to more people - but that’s the wrong way to go about things.


We need to use our about pages to really get a sense of who we are as individuals across because that’s what’s going to make us stand out!


We’re Too Niche


Alright soz for being one big ball of contradiction but there is an element of playing the game here.


If our audience come to our blog for beauty reviews but we decide to tell the world about our love for 12 hour sessions playing Risk and bingeing on medieval history documentaries - we could alienate those we’re trying to appeal to.


So if I’ve completely messed your head up - don’t worry, later on I’ll go into how we can get the balance right!


We Don’t Say What Our Blog Is About


I’ve seen sooo many about pages that are like, ‘Hi I’m Becky, 22, I like cats and cupcakes, if you want to work with me, email me.’


OK hun but why should we? Why should a brand work with you? Or read your blog? Or click on another page? You haven’t told them to!


You haven’t piqued their interests by describing the type of content you make and are passionate about. So if you’re not interested in what your blog is actually about - why should anyone reading it?


We Don’t Make The Most Of It


Hands up if you say in your about page that you love talking about beauty, lifestyle, fashion and travel but don’t link to your best beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel posts!!!


Yeah me too!


What a wasted opportunity!


We’re Too Formal


Nothing irks me more than seeing a blog with posts and pictures that scream, ‘light-hearted, relatable and fun’ yet an about page that is drier than my vagina after looking at pictures of Nigel Farage.


Alright irked is probably not the right word, I’m overselling it - but whatever your brand voice is - knowledgeable, witty, positive, serious, intelligent, carefree - your about page needs to be written in that style too!


And we’re coming on to writing styles and finding our voices soon so it might be that you go away and zzzssh your about page up and then in a couple of months come back and add your extra sauce to it - THAT’S GOOD


So there are a few of my about page hang ups - are you ready to get to the juicy bit? Where we talk about how to write a banging one?


Before we start, I’m not going to profess that mine is amazing. But at least it’s updated! And I’m not going to name and shame anyone doing it well or badly, I’ll just use examples so here we go…


Great About Pages have…


A headline


And it could be written in third person if you’re cringe like me and hate blowing smoke up your own arse. Starting with something like, ‘Vix Meldrew is an award-winning lifestyle and mental health blogger who lives in London’ is a great way to get across the nitty gritty of details like name, blog niche and location.


Or you could greet people with a, ‘Hi, I’m Vix Meldrew, I’m an xyz blogger who lives in London’


A structure


My favourite about page structure goes something like this…


You’ll find posts on this blog on a range of topics such as; blah blah blah


I have previously worked with some incredible brands on content like; blah blah blah


You’ll find me;


Now the ‘you’ll find me’ bit is the key bit to getting your individual personality across. And not in a niche way like, ‘sitting alone in my cupboard knitting Harry Styles scarves’ and not in a fakely generic way like, ‘eating Nandos with my besties whilst we all wear ASOS’ but something that is true to you, whilst also being relatable to your audience.


So for example, if you’re a solo travel blog, yours might say, ‘You’ll find me either strolling alone across a far away beach with sand between my toes, a cocktail in one hand and me documenting it all via Instagram in my other or sat at home in London dreaming about my next solo adventure.’


Or if you’re a beauty blog, it might say, ‘you’ll find me obsessively refreshing Sephora’s new in section or trialling out that new glitter brow tutorial that’s just gone viral’ - do you get what I mean?


Have a go now! Write a 3 paragraph about page with a headline, followed by a ‘the blog posts you’ll find’ bit, a ‘brands I’ve worked with’ bit and the ‘you’ll find me…’ bit.


And make sure you come and post them on the Exciting Emails Facebook group so we can all marvel at your fantastic work.


Now here’s how to make them even better!


In the bit where you say about the types of posts you write LINK TO YOUR BEST ONES.


And in the bit where you mention the brands you’ve worked for LINK TO THOSE POSTS.


If you haven’t worked with anyone yet, don’t worry - these about pages need to be updated constantly so you can always come back and add that in once the brand work starts rolling in.


You can also use your about page to tell people to come and find you on social media.


If they found your blog before they found your Twitter - tell them to follow you there and let them know the type of stuff you talk about - whether it’s activism or reality TV. IF they’re your people, they’ll want to find you!


Likewise with Instagram - perhaps you post more of your real life over there. If people fall in love with your writing, they’ll fall in love with you and want to see more - so tell them where they can find more!


Another fun way to make your about page more unique is putting up a funny picture, or one from your childhood with a personal story - this gives people an even better insight into who you are!


Or if you’ve had any accomplishments like awards, recognition or great comments - why not put a few here for other people to see too!


Essentially your about page is a window into who you are as a person and who you are as a blogger and you want it to almost ‘advertise’ all of your best bits in a succinct and informative way.


Don’t go overboard and turn it into a 1000 word essay - keep it short and sweet - by following the structure I mentioned and just make sure you update it any time your interests, lives or topics change.


If you have any ‘About page’ questions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Instagram @vixmeldrew and don’t forget to come and tell me about how you’ve switched things up - I can’t wait to hear about it.


Until then, please leave me a review and a rating - it means the world and don’t forget to subscribe!


Speak to you all super soon, byeeeee.