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May 27, 2019

You asked for an episode about how I structure my week as a ‘full time content’ creator and HERE IT IS.


First I’m going to discuss how I PLAN my week out and them I’m going to tell you how my last 3 weeks PANNED out. With a whole load of reflection about what that teaches us about ‘flexible working’.


So if you’re ready to step inside my world, keep listening!



Early on this year I decided that batch working would be the way for me to go. I made a fancy planner on Canva and told everyone around me how I’d be structuring my week for the best.


And I actually managed to stick to it for a few weeks - I was definitely way more productive, switched off a lot more easily and felt totally on top of life.


But in this job, as much as I’d love to stick to a routine and structure, some times obstacles, opportunities and life plans tend to come through and upset it all!


When I have a week that pans out exactly as I have planned - I feel happy, settled and content with how things are moving and shaking. When they go arse over tit - sometimes for a good reason - I can feel discombobulated and out of sorts.


I also want to say, that as much as I plan weekly, I’ve also started planning around my menstrual cycle.


This is something I recommend for ANYONE who menstruates.


I’ve tracked my period for the last few months through apps and written journals. In doing this I’ve learned that the first 5 days after my period I am the most confident and energetic. Then I take a dip and around ovulation I have zeeeerrrrooo motivation or drive. I then get a bit of energy back but during my period I’m basically a right off.


So in knowing this, I take more on during my ultra productive days and virtually block myself out whilst I’m bleeding out. Sos but it’s periods - get over it.


ANWAY on a weekly basis, the dream week goes like this…




Wake up when Ben goes to work, have a slow morning of reading, drinking water, going to the gym and listening to podcasts.


Then head to the cafe to do all emails, planning for the week and write a blog post. I normally have an energy dip at 2-5pm so I head home and chill out between then. If I get a burst of energy I’ll turn my laptop back on and see what’s crackalacking before Ben comes home and we cook/chill together.




Same as Monday basically but a bit free-ish incase I have a meeting, event or an important Wahaca lunch with my buddy Laurzrah booked in.




This is the day when I TRYYYYY and plan/record podcasts. Although my VA Dani will attest to how much that ACTUALLY happens. The thought is there OK! I also leave this one a bit Flexi incase I need to move other days around.




Is my coaching day. I’m still coaching 11 lovely bloggers so I block out today so they can book in their coaching calls or Facetimes. I am winding down the coaching and not taking on new clients when my current ones graduate, so I can leave more time for Grow & Glow but it’s such a nice day to wake up knowing I’ll be having virtual coffees with all my faves.




Is my day off. Again it might be a day where I need to catch up with shit OR it’s the day where I have some self-care and actually switch off and make time for myself.


But like I said, lately these days have been a bit different, so I’m going to run through what I remember from the last three weeks to give you a bit of a flavour of how different my weeks can be.


I’ll also preface this by saying, that my anxiety has been quite bad lately and one of the side effects I get is extreme memory loss. So some of you avid Story watchers might have a different recollection than me - but I’m going by my diary, k!!!


Alright so 3 weeks ago what did I do…




It was the 29th April and I *think* it was the day I went to meet Debs from Bang On Style for a bit of coaching in central London. I was early so whizzed through all my emails - which I’m ALWAYS on top of because of my system. Do you want an episode on that? Let me know!

We went to a Costa and ended up chatting/coaching/planning for about 3 hours.


By the time we were done, I came home and flopped on the sofa.




On Tuesday it was Laurzrah’s bday lunch so I met her in Soho and took her for a Wahaca (although we probs went halves) and gave her her pressies before we had a mooch around town. I came back home around 4pm and started Jane the Virgin and watched it until Ben came back. I also started making some resources for the Grow & Glow hub and started getting really excited for launch!




I had therapy first thing and it was a TOUGH session that completely knackered me out. I think I just went home and got into bed! Possibly titted about on Canva making downloads and resources for G&G but really took it easy.




Was a coaching day so I had back to back appointments - some ran over so I had to reschedule and then I met my old school pals for a Nandos and a catch up. Our lives are so different now but I love hearing about school so much.




On Friday I have nothing in the diary but I probably went to the cafe all day and caught up on emails, content creation,  content planning and Grow & Glow planning. I also had a coaching call from what I’d rescheduled previously.


That seems like a very unproductive week? Or is it because we believe working 9-5 solidly = productive? I feel like I got loads done though and everything was up to date? But looking at it like that, maybe not! Would love to know your thoughts!


The next week I spent Monday to Thursday at Alice Benham’s Gather & Grow retreat. I did so much working ON Grow & Glow whilst there - strategising, team planning, ideas flowing as well as loads of work on self confidence. I missed Ben loads but it was the best week ever. Ooh whilst I was away I also read Vox back to back - has anyone else read it?


On the Friday I had therapy and got to work on all of my new, exciting ideas.


Last week on MONDAY


I had a meeting with Oliver Bonas and then got to Supermarket Sweep in Store before meeting Laura for a lunch and then headed home to shoot different outfits and content for Oliver Bonas.


That was such a good meeting - they’re fully on board with Grow & Glow’s future and I have lots of goodness planned with them.


Nothing is in the diary for Tuesday and I forget what I did, if anything! Probably the cafe with laptop from 10-2ish, unless anyone else can remember!


I’m USELESS without my diary at the moment. I remember NOTHING unless someone reminds me. Even then I’ll often look at my diary and forget what’s in it 5 minutes later. Anxiety is fun, right!


On Wednesday I had therapy and then was supposed to drop into a press day before heading to St Pancras to meet Nati for coaching but the therapy took it out of me again so I just headed straight to meet Nati. We had a wonderful meeting and she even got a positive responses to something I helped her pitch for during our meeting!


I could’ve stopped by the press day afterwards but I was zonked. Plus I try and go to less press days nowadays unless they’re for brands I already have a relationship with or have the chance of working with. Otherwise it’s too much time out of my day!


On Thursday I had the worst mental health day I’d had in such a long time. I think it was the come down from the amazing week I had at the retreat and the pressure I put on myself to get Grow & Glow to be the best thing ever.


I was supposed to go to a press day, do a few coaching calls and then speak on a panel for LOL Mental Health week but I had to let them down the last minute because I couldn’t get out of bed. I decided to give myself a break - listen to my menstrual cycle, and just generally take care of myself. It helped a lot!


On Friday I was a bit more up and at em because I knew I was having a meeting in London with Lori and Beth - the two newest Grow & Glow members. We had a great time planning, strategising and dreaming about where we can take it and I left exhausted but excited for what’s to come!


Ben was on his stag do last weekend so I spent a lot of time at my sister’s and caught up with Grow & Glow work whilst at hers and then whilst was hannnnnnging post stag do!


This week has been slightly cray as I’ve had 7 sponsored posts come in for Instagram and the blog (whereas in April I had nada) so I’ve been darting here there and every where trying to shoot, create, edit and send for approval ON TOP of getting G&G ready for launch AND psyching myself up for the Blogosphere awards tomorrow (as I’m recording this).


So what can we learn about the week in the life of a full time content creator?


The biggest takeaway is really that no day and no week is the same. Sometimes you’ll have less brand work on so you can have more time concentrating on other areas of your business - so for me, developing Grow & Glow and other times it’ll be so cray that nothing feels like it gets completed.


Equally some days I’ll work for 2 hours and another day will be 10 hours on and off.


I also have so much appreciation for the flexibility in what I do so that when my awful mental health days or PMD days raise their heads, I can just give myself the time and space to recover. The flexibility has also allowed me to regularly go to therapy and take some time to reflect on what I’m learning afterwards.


Sometimes the lack of routine does bother me especially when I’m craving a bit of stability but it’s always the grass is greener isn’t it?


ALSO you might be thinking, ‘ok Vix but when do you sit down to schedule your pins or edit your podcasts though?’ And I have to say that the FIRST thing I did, as soon as I could afford it, when I went full time, was to hire a VA. Dani helps me with all of the admin side of things so I can really focus on working ON stuff as opposed to IN it? IYKWIM? Which makes me think I should totally do an episode on the difference between the two.


Anyway, I want to hear about your weeks and how you structure them! So jump into the Facebook group or message me on Instagram so we can chat! Until next time… BYEEEE